Summary of qualification

Dr. Rhodes is licensed in California as a Professional Electrical Engineer and also holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. He has expertise in many aspects of electronics, electro-mechanics, electro-magnetics, electrical engineering, and related disciplines.  Professionally, Dr. Rhodes is a practicing R&D electrical engineer and has worked at prestigious companies and institutions including UCLA, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and TRW. Most of this work has been “government sector” under contract to the United States Department of Energy. He also has experience in the private sector having served as VP of Engineering at an early phase biotech startup. He has been involved in expert witness work for since 1992.   Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Rhodes has numerous articles published by refereed scientific journals.  Dr. Rhodes is an experienced public speaker and has presented technical papers at many scientific conferences and symposiums. He has given guest lectures at Cal Poly Technical Institute and the University of California. He has a reputation for excellent communication skills with judges, jurors, and attorneys. Dr. Rhodes is adept at explaining the technical issues at hand in layman’s terms. Detailed information about Dr. Rhodes’ education and experience may be obtained by viewing the Curriculum Vitae page.  A PDF version of his CV is also available for download.