Some example cases

The Witch Fire

The Witch Fire occurred in San Diego County in October of 2007. One of many fire that day.

Guerjito Fire

Guerjito fire was related to the Witch Fire. It was also in the same day in October 2007. Here, a slack cable TV line swung in the wind and hit the power lines above.

McCabe Fire

The McCabe Fire occured at a geothermal power plant near Geyserville, CA in November 2013. The top of an HV switch exploded and started the fire

Hicks v ABB

Working for defendant ABB. Fatal injury at a 12 kV substation in Little Rock AK.

Colavincenzo v Mission Landscaping

Construction contract dispute regarding proper grounding of a swimming pool on 17 Mile Drive in Monterey CA.

Bratcher v Arcadian Winery

Client was Plaintiff. In this case a defective wiring scheme led to a serious amputation injury involving this grape crusher-destemmer. Location was near Lompoc, CA

Ferry v DeLonghi

Plaintiff side involving a residential house fire in San Francisco. Electric malfunction of a DeLonghi space heater led to a fire and explosion with a fatality.